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Camping With Hammocks

Camping With Hammocks – A Great Way To Commune With Mother Nature

If you enjoy camping and especially like being close to nature, you should try camping with hammocks. This is a trend that is growing in popularity. Many campers are finding hammock camping to be a great way to get out into the most remote parts of nature and still be comfortable at night. The most comfortable camping hammocks are small and lightweight. They are very portable and can easily be packed into a backpack. Most of the time you will just string them up between two trees, but if you are in an area with little or no tree cover, you can bring along a portable stand that will hold your camping hammock.

How To Choose A Camping Hammock

When looking at camping hammocks, consider how much it weighs. After all, if you are packing in your hammock and other camping gear, you don’t want to add too much weight. The best hammocks for camping weigh between 11 ounces and 3 pounds. Most will hold up to 300 pounds. Camping hammocks are available in a variety of styles, so you must decide which you prefer. Some hammocks are entered from the top, and you manually seal the closure, while others are entered from underneath, and once you’re in, the opening seals itself.

You should also ensure the hammock comes with tree saver straps so hanging your hammock does not damage the trees. These are wide nylon straps that wrap around the trunk of the tree and hold up the hammock. All camping hammocks will come with directions to set up and take down the hammock, and until you are familiar with this process, it is a good idea to follow the directions. If the hammock is not set up properly, it can fall causing injury.

Differences Between Tent And Hammock Camping

When you camp with a tent, you must carry the tent and then set it up at a campsite. Most tents require a least a semi-level piece of land. If you do not have a pop-up frame tent, you will also need to carry tent stakes and something to pound the stakes into the ground. Tents are typically heavier than camping hammocks, so you must consider the weight you will be carrying.

Tents do provide more storage space for your personal gear and supplies. They also help protect you from the cold and the wind. Tents also provide a bit more privacy and room to move around than a hammock.

With a hammock, you are up off the ground. This can be a blessing if the ground is wet, muddy or rocky. By adding insulating accessories such as a sleeping pad or an under quilt, a camping hammock can be very cozy and warm. Camping hammocks are also very lightweight and easy to carry in a pack. This makes them a good choice if you must carry your backpack a long distance.

Choosing A Camping Hammock

It is important to select a camping hammock that has a built-in rain cover and a bug protector. These will prove to be very helpful during night camping. If you are not comfortable with close spaces, a hammock may not be a good choice. While they are very comfortable, they do tend to get pretty tight when they are sealed up.

One of the primary benefits of camping with hammocks is they can be set up almost anywhere. They go up quickly and easily and are ready for occupation within a few minutes. There are even double hammocks if you and your significant other would rather sleep together.

Camping hammocks can also be used as seating and provide an easy way to set up a group entertainment area at the campsite. They are available in a wide variety of designs and sizes. They can be waterproof and even insulated against the cold. They are ergonometric ally designed and provide a healthy, relaxed way to sleep. You may even find you lower your blood pressure and do not get those annoying kinks in your back and neck. If you are camping in an area with a lot of mosquitoes or flying insects, look for a camping hammock with built-in netting.

Camping with hammocks is a great way to enjoy the outdoors. Get a good night’s sleep and wake up refreshed and ready to go after a night spent in a camping hammock.…